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Official TM Forum Training and Certification is a critical supporting tool in helping its members continuously transform and succeed in the digital economy.

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TM Forum’s Information Framework Fundamentals training course helps you reach implementation stage quickly by taking the guess work out of creating a common information model. We’ll show you how to take the thousands of words and concepts related to managing a business and create a common and simple way to define and communicate them. Click HERE for more details. Read More

TM Forum's Revenue Assurance Fundamentals course provides an overview of Revenue Assurance for personnel new to the revenue assurance domain and who will have an operational role within their revenue assurance program. It is also relevant to non-revenue assurance personnel seeking a more in-depth understanding of the subject in order to better support their corporate revenue assurance program. Click HERE for more details.  Read More

This course introduces TM Forum’s perspective on digital maturity and transformation. Using industry best practices and TM Forum models, guidelines and blueprints, we introduce the concepts of being digital, digital maturity and transformation; provide background on what is driving these changes; and introduce some practical guidance on how to plan and execute programs that will help drive your organization’s digital transformation with a focus on achieving improved customer satisfaction, increased revenues and reduced costs. Click HERE for more details. Read More

This training course provides TM Forum’s perspective on how to more effectively approach digital transformation by leveraging the TM Forum Digital Maturity Model (DMM) and The GC Index ® framework. The objective is to prepare transformation facilitators who are involved in the implementation of digital transformation programs. Click HERE for more details. Please note that you will also be enrolled in a GC Index Personal Profile Report survey. It is recommended that you first complete this, as the course will refer to it throughout. You will receive a separate email for the survey within a few hours of your course enrollment. Read More

This training course introduces TM Forum's Open APIs to explain the key concepts and provide real-life examples to show why they are unique, how they are structured and how they relate to TM Forum Frameworx so that you can begin deploying them in your business. Click HERE for more details.  Read More

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